How Effective is Tea Tree Oil For Sinus Infection

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Sinus congestion, headache, fever, and fatigue are all symptoms of a sinus infection.

If you are suffering from sinusitis or have mucus buildup in your sinus, chances are you’ve already experienced these symptoms too.

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As a person who has been suffering from chronic sinusitis since the young ages, I’ve been experiencing all of these horrible symptoms from time to time.

Tea Tree Oil - An Easy and Natural Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

To deal with this ailment, I tried lots of remedies, both medical and natural. Some of them worked like a charm, but some were just a waste of time and money.

In future posts I’ll share with you my experience and will tell you how well each method worked for me. I’ll list them here as I add more articles.

As you may already know, in this post I’m going to talk about tea tree oil oil and how it has helped me to deal with sinusitis and sinus infection.

Why Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is produced by steaming the leaves of the tea tree plant.

This essential oil has antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

A 2006 Study showed that tea tree oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to treat sinus infection. That’s due to the fact that, in most cases, the main culprits of a sinus infection are bacteria and inflammation of sinus tissues.

Before the discovery of antibiotics, tea tree oil was used for cleansing wounds and surgical instruments.

Due to its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is used in cosmetic products such as creams and cleansers for treating acnes and other skin conditions.

How to Get Rid of Sinus Infection with Tea Tree Oil

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Treating Sinus Infection?

The easiest and most effective way for treating sinus infection by tea tree oil is to use it in the form of vapor. To do this, simply add a few drops of this essential oil to water in a vaporizer or diffuser.

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You can also use a pot instead of the diffuser. Although it’s recommended to use a diffuser.

To begin, simply boil some water in a pot and add a few drops of the tea tree oil to the boiling water. Inhale the vapor for a few minutes to fight sinus infection and ease respiration.

The vapor of tea tree oil can irritate throat and nose in some people. If you felt any irritation in your throat and nose after inhaling tea tree oil steam, stop using it and choose another treatment to deal with your sinus infection.

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It’s also recommended to use this treatment in a moderate manner. Use it only once per day and it’s also recommended not to use it for more than 30 consecutive days.

How Well Tea Tree Oil Worked for Me?

Tea tree oil worked well for easing respiration and also helped to improve sinus infection for me. But, as far as I’m concerned, it cannot be considered a definite solution for treating chronic sinusitis or sinus infection.

I recommend you to use tea tree oil as a complementary method for treating sinus infection in conjunction with a more effective method such as nasal irrigation.

Tea Tree Oil: An Effective Essential Oil for Treating Sinus Infection


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