How to Lose Weight Fast by Eating More!

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The moment commercials featuring perfectly shaped models pops onto the TV screen promising a desirable body weight, we all envy that. However, you will have to cough up a lot of cash to remain skinny forever. Though we all know there are no magic drugs that promise instant success, at times it is very enticing to dole out the cash. It is tempting because the process of losing weight is a battle and a nasty uphill fight that is not easily fought.

The call to find a quick solution hits you from time to time – especially when you have struggled so hard to lose some pounds and suddenly you lose the battle and it all back again. You cannot even remember or even tell the number of times you have started all over again. But in your mind you know there has to be an easier way to lose weight or get rid of stubborn belly fat. You have even bought numerous weight loss books, taken diet tablets, and even attended weight loss meetings several times, but all in vain. If you can remember the total expense you have used by the time you decide to quit, it is the cost of building a house. You have done all these but yet there are no long term results that you can be proud of.

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How to Eat More and Gain Less!

Are you ill and feeling you cannot try anymore, but still you want to lose weight so that you can remain healthy? Or perhaps you want to lose some pounds to fit into that new dress or to look good for that upcoming event. You want to lose weight, but you do not want a promotion or a road that leads nowhere. You just want a plan that will work for you and nothing more. Probably there is something you need to know about weight loss – something that can help you achieve the victory that you have longed for so long.

Best of all, the best plan you can use to lose weight can be found in your own fridge, at your grocery store or in your storeroom. In fact, this unidentified method of losing weight will not need your cash. I can even bet on that.

Knowing the Basics of Weight Loss

To know how weight loss works, first you need to understand how calories work. What is a calorie? It is the energy found in foods you consume. Your body needs energy to operate; this means energy is used as fuel in your body. Take calorie as firewood for a fireplace. If you are to put too much firewood into the fire, the fire becomes very hot and too much heat will be generated.

In the same way, consuming foods with too much calories matches an overabundance of fuel. The same manner you can store firewood in stacked piles for your fireplace, your body will stack a surplus of calories as fat. It then takes the fat and stores it to places you cannot imagine. You will then see a tummy over the top of your pants, commonly referred as a muffin top, or you see sagging thighs. To make weight loss battle more disheartening, the stored fat and its cellulitis will give you an uncomfortable, bumpy look. Cellulitis are sacks of the stored fats underneath the surface of your skin. This means it is the donuts or chocolate cake or second assisting carbohydrates if the calories are not burned.

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That was bad news. Now the good news is that you do not have to admit that being overweight is your fate. It does not matter the number of times you have collapsed in the past. This weight loss method is inexpensive and very easy; you can stick with it for the rest of your life. Not only will you remain in the plan for a long time, you will actually enjoy it.

if you can eat you can lose weight

Your Body’s Behind the Scene Workout

When watching a movie, you will actually notice it is a finished product. The actors and actresses are well prepared and they act the way they are supposed to act. Whatever they say and do, you will see them as pros. However, you will not see what went on behind the show. You will not see that the filming was done until three in the morning and some actors had fever and running nose. You will only see a well-produced movie and nothing more.

Most people sit to take a meal or even to take a snack and they never give a thought of what happens behind the scenes once they finish eating. Many people are familiar with the process of gaining weight and even most of us are experts when gaining weight is concerned. We gain weight by consuming too much of the wrong categories of foods. Now, supposing I show you a something about your own body that can help you lose weight.

Every bite of food you eat, your body has to work to digest it. Since your body is using energy to digest that food, it is performing some workouts behind the scenes. It seems great that your body is actually working without you lifting a single finger. Imagine this, your body is using energy while you talk, you watch a movie, while you sleep and even when you drive to work. If you picture all these, you will notice it is a win-win situation.

Now, if it is a win-win situation, where are you gaining weight? It is because you are not eating the right kinds of foods. You are still held measuring portions and counting carbs and conveying foods as bad and good. The truth of the matter is that all kinds of foods are simply fuel. But the rate at which the fuel is burned or the rate at which the food is used depend on the foods you eat. I hope we are still together.

Your Body Behind The Scene Workout

Negative Calorie Foods – Your Body’s Secret Firearm

Suppose you realized you can lose weight just with the foods you choose to eat. There are kinds of foods that can help you work off calories by simply consuming them. To some people it sounds to be too good to be true. Yes, it is very true. There are certain kinds of foods that make the digestive system use more energy to digest them than the calories found in them. When you use more fuel or energy to digest a food than the caloric value of that food, then that food is known as negative calorie food. By taking negative calorie foods, you will actually burn more calories and lose weight smoothly.

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This is a Sketch Example of how it Works: Picture this, you have bought a slice of chocolate cheesecake from the bakery, you will roughly eat 450 calories or even more depending on the ingredients used to make that chocolate cheesecake. The moment you eat the cheesecake, your body starts the digestion process. Your body burns 250 calories digesting the cheesecake and you are left with a gain of 200 calories. The 200 calories will be converted into unwanted fat resulting to weight gain if they are not used as energy by the body. Now recall, the sum of calories you burn by consuming negative calorie foods will be determined by the type of food it is.

Instead of eating a chocolate cheesecake, let say you choose to eat an apple. A standard sized apple has around 80 calories. The moment you eat the apple, digestion process starts. Because apple is a negative calorie food, your body will burn more calories to digest it than the calories you gain by eating it. The dissimilarity in negative calorie foods is like the dissimilarity between walking and running. When you decide for a walk, you do not use the same amount of energy you would if you would be running.

negative calorie foods - your body's secret fireman

Let’s Do the Math

I hated math in school, but this kind of math is lovely. Let us go back to the foods. If you decide to eat that apple, you will get about 80 calories. Your body will start the digestion process, and without you doing any work, you will burn calories. For example, if your body burns 105 calories to digest that apple, you would lose 25 calories effortlessly. If you had eaten the cheesecake earlier but felt the urge of eating an apple afterwards, you will be 25 calories to the good on the cheesecake. This means that 200 calorie cheesecake minus the 25 extra calories you used by eating the apple leaves you with 175 calories.

Nevertheless, unlike the calculations, there is no simple method that can take away weeks, months or even years of eating the wrong method. But with slight addition of right foods, that is negative calorie foods; you can actually erase those pounds and keep them off.

There are some things you need to note with any type of food. The more complex a diet is, the less success many people accomplish in the long run. Several researches have shown that the more sophisticated a weight loss plan is, the less likely people are to stick to it to the end because people like things to the point.

No one has time of filling out several complicated charts and recording every type of food we eat. That’s the reason why negative calorie foods are a perfect weight loss plans for anyone who want to lose weight. People want to get healthy through a simple plan that has something extra working in their favor. Your digestive system can actually give you that helping hand you need to retain the pace until you reach your goal. By using your digestive system, you can in fact change the equation.

eat, drink, and still shrink! Lose Weight, Minus the Diet!

Stealing from the Store

If you are a junk food fan, then most likely you have more fat stored, and you are not willing to see it anymore. Can you recall the apple math? If your body has fat stored from eating junk food, you need to start eating negative calorie foods such as apple. Then those negative calorie foods will start stealing from you. These negative calorie foods are going to take the fat stored in your body and they will start using it. Why? Because it requires more energy to consume the negative food than the energy negative food can give. The energy deficit has to be made up in one way or another and your body knows where to get it. When you consume negative calorie foods, your body will work very hard to pull all the energy and nutrients from the food to the point that the food calories don’t count. If the foods don’t have enough energy, your body will do whatever it can to finish the task, right? Just like a car putting in more fuel, your body will need more fuel, and in this case it uses the stored fat. I can see what you are thinking, this is one kind of thief you cannot mind having nearby.

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Are These Negative Calorie Foods Good for the Body?

You are thinking there must be some cons on these negative calorie foods. Or are these foods some type of exotic foods with funny names you cannot say? With all the advantages that come with negative calorie foods, they cannot be very good for you, correct?


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Actually, negative calorie foods are indeed the kinds of foods recommended by doctors. In fact doctors encourage patients to eat these foods for disease prevention and for weight loss. Now, what are these unknown foods? They are several kinds of fruits and vegetables. Since most experts approve that more fruits and vegetables are the best foods for anyone, negative calorie foods are a good weight loss plan.

Though it is not a complete list I will mention some foods for you. In the vegetable category, negative calorie foods consist of:
broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, cucumbers, turnips, cabbage, radishes, cauliflower, leeks, carrots, spinach and celery.

The list of negative calorie foods

In the fruit category, negative calorie foods consist of:
apple, tomato, apricot, watermelon, peaches, cantaloupe, cranberry, tangerine, blackberry, papaya, honeydew, lemon, grapefruit, lime, plums, honeydew melon, rhubarb, raspberry and mandarin orange.

You will find nothing bad with that list of fruits and vegetables. There are just normal foods with muscles to create negative calories upon consumption. However, do not be confused that the name negative calorie foods means that foods that do not contain calories. That is not the case. If you eat foods without calories, your body has to work very hard to digest them and you will eventually end up with a caloric deficit once it is done.

Is it unsafe to eat negative calorie foods?

Actually it is safe to eat negative calorie foods. No one can overdose on negative calorie foods. Unlike the most advertised gimmicks and pills, there aren’t any side effects if you eat these foods since they are healthy for your body. They help your body to remain natural and strong enough to be able to produce enough energy needed throughout the day.


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  1. It would be nice to know how many calories it takes to burn the calories it takes to digest each food listed. If this is truly a math then one could streamline the perfect diet persay by creating a taylored meal for the amount of weight one needs to lose based on the consumption of those negative foods.

    1. Yes, I also believe that it would be so great if we could include those numbers too! But, unfortunately I could not find any reliable source which lists these numbers. In fact, it’s a big discussion topic among health experts. Some believe that the negative calorie foods hypothesis is just a myth. While others swear by it. But one thing we now know for sure is that adding foods listed as negative calorie foods to your diet can promote weight loss and improve health.

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