Greek Beach Hairdo – An Ancient Greek Hairstyle You Can Try Right Now

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Ancient greek hairstyles are popular among modern women of our time for their glamorous, romantic, and classic look. The greek hairstyles look great for nearly all types of hair including the curvy and wavy ones.

These classic hairdos are perfect for special occasions such as parties, weddings, or prom.

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The hairstyle I’m going to teach you today is one of simplest greek hairstyles and is super easy to do.

You need a relatively long hair for doing this hairstyle. This hairdo is pretty simple to make. You just need to create 3 separate sets of 3-strand braids, then pull them back loosely, and finally tie all of the braids together at the back.

Below, I’ve included the step-by-step instructions, supported by clear pictures, on how to do this simple ancient greek hairstyle called greek beach hairdo.

Step 1: The first step is to just simply let your hair hang down loosely over your back.

Greek beach hairdo - step 1: let your hair hang down

Step 2: The second step is to tie the first 3-strand braid of three. In fact this braid is more difficult than the other two because it’s not an standard braid but you need to braid your bangs. Complete the braid towards your back and make sure to tie off the tip of the braid tightly so that it does not unravel. Check out the images below carefully to find out how it’s done exactly. I’ve also included a video which shows you how it’s done in real world.

Greek beach hairdo - step 2: braid your bangs

Step 3: In this step you make the second braid of three. Simply apply a standard 3-strand braid on the other side of the head as it is depicted in the image below. Make sure tie it off tightly so that it does not unravel.

Greek beach hairdo - step 3: standard 3-strand braid on the side

If you have a long hair you most probably know how to do a standard 3-strand braid. I’ve included a video tutorial below teaching you how to do a standard braid in case you do not know how to do it.

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Step 4: In this step, the last braid of the three should be applied. This braid is exactly like the second (previous) braid, but it’s done on the opposite side of the head just below the bang braid (first braid). Make sure to tie it off tightly after finishing it.

Greek beach hairdo - step 4: standard 3-strand braid on the opposite side of the head

Step 5: If you’ve followed all of the previous steps, all of the three braids should have been created. Now, the final step is to tie all three braids together. Make sure not to pull the braids tightly while trying to tie them together because the braids should look loose.

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Greek beach hairdo - step 5: tie all of the three braids together

Congratulations! Your Greek beach hairdo is complete. Below you can see how it should look from the side and back views.

Greek beach hairdo - side and back views

In the image below you can see all of the steps of how to do Greek beach hairdo. You can save it to your Pinterest board for further reference. Also make sure to follow our Pinterest profile for more makeup and hairstyle inspirations.

Greek beach hairdo tutorial


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