Castor Oil for Hair Growth

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

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Hair loss or thinning is a very common condition in the US which is devastating the self-confidence of millions of men and women throughout the country and all over the world.

According to new statistics 40 percent of women in United States are struggling with hair loss or thinning. This phenomenon is more common among those who are in their 40s or 50s.

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People are spending millions of dollar each year on expensive anti-hair loss products each year. Some of these expensive treatments may work well, but the reality that most of them does not do what they’re expected to do.

There are also a few natural DIY remedies, like coconut oil, for hair thinning or hair loss which have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years. Castor oil is one of those old natural remedies which is so cheap and has received lots of attention in recent years.

In another article I explained how to use coconut for treating damaged hair. But, you need to be aware that coconut oil does not work for all hair types and may have adverse effects on your hair.

In this post I’ll explain how to use castor oil for hair growth.

Why Castor Oil?

Castor oil has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years. But, in recent years, as more and more companies started to crank out fancy and shiny creams and solutions, their effects and effectiveness were neglected over the time.

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Why Use Castor Oil for Hair?

Castor oil is fully packed with fatty acids, minerals, and vitamin E. It also has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. These great characteristics has rendered it to a great candidate for being used as an effective skin or hair care product.

In another post I’ll teach you how to make your homemade castor oil product for skin care and treating acne. If you’ve a dry or aging skin and are suffering from skin conditions such as acne, I highly recommend this handmade castor oil blend.

In this post we’ll look at the effect of castor oil on hair and how to use it to stimulate hair growth.

How Does Castor Oil Can Help with Hair Growth?

As mentioned above, castor oil contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients. These properties makes castor oil the best oil for your scalp. It fights against folliculitis, dandruff, and scalp infections. After using it for a few times, hair conditions such as dandruff or folliculitis will be nothing but a bad memory.

Castor oil also contains “Ricinoleic Acid”. This substance, when contacted with scalp, stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, and as a consequence, would promote hair growth.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Ricinoleic Acid also balances the PH acid in the scalp and, as a result, the natural oil of the scalp would be restored. The natural oil of the scalp helps your scalp to withstand the toxic and harmful chemical materials available in hair care products.

The people who have been using castor oil on a regular basis (twice per week), have experienced great results just after a few weeks.

Most of them have reported that their hair started to grow much faster than the regular rate. You can expect the growth of 2-5 inches per month on a regular use (twice per week). They also reported that their hair was dramatically thicker and in some cases new tiny hair follicles were grown. Here are thousands of great testimonials to check out.

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What Type of Castor Oil to Choose for Hair Growth?

The recommended type of castor oil to be used for hair growth is natural unrefined and cold-pressed oil which has a low concentration of Hexane. This organic castor oil is what I use and have had great results with.

Castor oil has a very thick and viscous texture. You can add some argan oil or jojoba oil to your castor oil in a glass dropper bottle to make it less viscous and easier to be applied.

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

First of all it’s not recommended to use castor oil in excess for each treatment. Because it may harm your hair if used in excess. Just a few tablespoons is enough to cover all-over the head.

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

It’s optional to add other oils to castor oil for more benefits and also to make it less viscous. My favorite mix is 3 tbsp castor oil, 1 tbsp jojoba oil, and 1 tbsp coconut oil.

I usually use this treatment once or twice per week. It’s also possible to use this treatment more than 2 times per week, but I suspect if there will be any added benefits.

Applying it on a damp (but not wet) hair is going to be more effective. So, it’s not a bad idea if you dampen your hair by using a water spray or simply by brushing your hair with wet hands.

When applying the oil, make sure to spread it well all over your head including your scalp and each strand of hair.

Leave the treatment on your head for at least 2 hours. For maximum benefit, It’s recommended to leave it on your head for a few hours or overnight. You can use a shower cap, bath cloth, or towel to cover your head during that time.

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Removing the oil from your hair after using this treatment is somehow difficult and tricky.

The first trick which will help you to remove castor oil easier from your hair is to let the treatment stay on your hair for a longer time or overnight. By giving it more time, most of the oil will be absorbed by your hair and not only nourishes your hair more deeply but would also make it easier to wash out.

Another trick is to massage your scalp and hair with egg paste before washing your hair with a natural shampoo.

And my favorite trick is to apply a hair conditioner before washing your hair with shampoo. I use this natural hair conditioner and shampoo which not only makes it easier to wash away the oil but also will further nourish your hair and promote hair growth.

Please share your results in the comment section if you’ve used this treatment or any other treatment for hair growth.

Why Castor Oil is great for skin and hair?
How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth


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